Osh.com Website Review & Ratings + OSH Coupons
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Osh.com Website Review & Ratings + OSH Coupons

Orchard Supply Hardware, or OSH, is a small chain of home improvement stores from San Jose, California, and that operates an online retail store. The company's name bespeaks San Jose's previous life as a huge, beautiful orchard area. A large percentage of the company is owned by Sears.

The site is connected to social media via Facebook, PinterestYoutube, Google+ and Twitter, and can be reached by telephone at 1-888-SHOP-OSH. The site ships to the 48 contiguous US states by UPS. All online sales can be returned unused for a full refund within 90 days (30 days for gasoline-consuming products), though the customer must pay all shipping costs.

The company offers a full selection of electrical, gardening, building materials, safety and security, irrigation, hardware, shop tools, clothing, plumbing, paint, storage, patio furniture, grill and interior decoration by nationally recognized brands such as Carhartt, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Dremel, Toro and Craftsman. Where the physical stores are known for their excellent garden sections and plant life guarantee, the site does not provide live plants but makes up with its much greater inventory than a physical store's.

OSH: What makes it different?

This writer is partial to OSH, having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for life and having used OSH for nearly all hardware and home improvement needs.

Club Orchard, the company's free customer loyalty program, offers the following benefits:

  • A point for nearly every $1 spent
  • For every 250 points earned, receive a rewards certificate for $5
  • Exclusive Club Orchard pricing on select merchandise and access to member-only sale days
  • Exclusive access to member-only offers, money-saving coupons and pre-sale notifications
  • Online purchase and points management
  • Special Birthday Gift

Besides selling hardware, tools, plumbing, paint, gardening, and construction supplies, the company offers a selection of organic gardening materials like natural fertilizers, very low-water grass seeds and hydroponics supplies. They also sell hot tubs, saunas and pools as well as garden furniture and grills.

Though often compared to construction supply stores like Home Depot, OSH remains focused on gardening on both a suburban and rural scale, and offers a superior selection and informed service to that of competitors large and small.

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OSH vs. primary competitors (sites similar to OSH)

OSH still doesn't offer in-store pickup for products purchased online, like Home Depot does. However, OSH doesn't operate buildings that are too big and stuffed to possibly staff, so one can go into a store and get help. OSH carries Craftsman, which is renowned for workmanship and warranty. A Craftsman tool box at OSH costs about twice as much as a Waterloo box at Home Depot, but the Craftsman box has a lifetime warranty and has much more favorable reviews for workmanship and durability than the Waterloo.

Home Depot may appeal to lowest-common-denominator contractors, but for a gardener OSH is a much better choice. OSH offers a wider variety of natural gardening supplies, such as the locally made, organic fertilizer Monterey Fish and Poop. They also have the latest hydroponic systems such as Hydrofarm and Emily's. Unfortunately, though OSH stores carry a superior assortment of organic seeds, they don't appear yet on the website. In any case, OSH should be regarded definitely as a gardening store with an excellent hardware and construction inventory rather than as a construction supply store.

Ace Hardware offers a similar inventory to OSH, though much smaller and more focused on the basics, and some of it a few dollars cheaper. Sears is compared to OSH, but their inventory is much more focused on heavy appliances as well as diversified to home merchandise. A person looking to buy a toothbrush well and a lawnmower in the same room may like Sears, but a gardener is advised to stick to OSH.

OSH: Pricing & packages

A Dremel tool set costs $10 less at Home Depot than at OSH, but it costs about the same whether at Sears, Home Depot, OSH or Ace. OSH tends to run a few dollars more expensive than the competition, but it also carries higher-quality, company-guaranteed brands like Craftsman, Carhartt and Milwaukee. Frequent discount and rebate plans offer a considerable incentive to loyal customers, however.

Currently the site offers a coupon code of $15 off all online purchases above $75. Throughout the year the company has holiday sales, no-sales tax days and online-only offers. Besides the Club Orchard card, the company also offers a Commercial card with the following benefits to small business owners:

  • 10% off the first order

  • No annual fee

  • Advance notice of sales and promotions, large quantity discounts

  • Detailed billing statement

  • 24-hour online access to the account

  • 24-hour access to account by phone

Orchard Supply Promotion Code:

OSH: Product images & screenshots
OSH Coupons
OSH: Customer reviews & comments

Topix.com currently has a list of feedback entries from OSH shoppers. Reviews are split between high satisfaction and dissatisfaction, with little in between. Above all, this writer has had trouble finding reviews of the store's online shopping experience, which is the focus of this article.

One reviewer complained that Sears' purchase of the chain worsened service and quality.

All review sites visited, such as the few at Superpages, include praise of the company's consistently good customer service, to which this writer can also attest. We hope that the online shopping offers as good of customer service. JR wrote: "I love the service at OSH. You can always get someone to help you (unlike another place I won't mention). The flower selection is great and the products are priced reasonably." A Google search of customer service reviews for the unmentionable, much larger other guys matches this customer's insinuation.

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